Top Chef

Every great chef has a fantastic assistant to back them up.  Today, mom assisted me in creating some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  Not bad for a first attempt, I know I have much more cooking in my future.  Can’t wait until I’m old enough to lick the beaters, Dad told me all about that!

3 thoughts on “Top Chef

  1. Hi Buddy
    Boy your cookies sure look good, hope you made enough for Santa, you have to leave him some out to eat along with some milk. make sure you put them up high so Roxy won’t eat them.

  2. Those look good kiddo, you would give the Keebler Elves a run for their money! Hopefully Santa doesn’t have the Diabeetus and he can eat them up. 🙂
    Love and miss you.

  3. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well now we have found another talent you have. You are the smartest little boy. I can”t wait to get there to celebrate the Christmas Holidays with you, Mom & Dad so I can eat some of the delicious cookies you helped make. Looks like you really enjoyed being a part of that. Did you get a taste??? Don”t forget to leave Santa Clause some of those cookies as he gets really hungry on his long journey. Be good and have fun…..Love you!!!!!

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