Old Faces, New Faces

Grandpap, Grandma, and aunt Beth came down to see me yesterday.  I warmed up a little faster than the last few times.  We had fun playing with blocks, walking around, and eating some lunch.  I also saw a few new critters (gray fox in the picture).  I looked out the window thinking:  “Mom, I didn’t know the ground was green/brown!  Where did all the white stuff go?” 

After they left dad has his wrestling banquet at The Pine Tavern.  I had fun meeting all the boys and having everyone gush all over me.  The best time, however, was eating mashed potatoes and green beans.  YUM!  I made quite a mess though.

We go back to Wake Forest on Tuesday to check on my helmet again–wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Old Faces, New Faces

  1. Hi Buddy
    It been a long cold winter, maybe soon you can go outside and feel the grass and gravel. Hope you get a GREAT report on Tuesday. I will be so glad to see you all in about 2 months.
    Love Granmal

  2. Hi biggie-smalls! Look at those teethers coming in, can’t wait to see your new baby grill 🙂 Your hide-and-seek game with mommy looks like a lot of fun. Good luck tomorrow at the docs, hope everything goes perfecto. I miss you tons kiddo!

  3. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Looks like you had a fun day with Grandpap,Grandma and Aunt Beth. You are such a lucky little boy to have all of us love you so very much. You have brought so much love and joy to all of us. You looked like a big boy at the restaurant sitting in the highchair eating the mashed potatoes and string beans. I know you enjoyed the food. All of the wrestlers were glad to see you too…. Pap & I wish you luck when you go to Wake Forest on Tuesday. We know it will be good news. It won”t be long before you are walking all by yourself. I always look forward to skyping with you and Mom as it always brightens my day and I just want to reach out and hug the both of you….We love you and hope to see you soon.
    “Mal” & Pap

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