Jumping Bean

For about a year one of my favorite things to do it JUMP, anywhere, everywhere. Bed, off the slide, you name it. But, mom being mom only lets me jump where it is “safe”, so here is a bunch of pictures of me jumping on the chair. The funny thing is I told mom to “please take some pictures of me jumping on the couch for nanny to see on the website” not that I’m vain or anything…

4 thoughts on “Jumping Bean

  1. Hi Buddy
    Look at you jump. Guess I will have to put a driving board in the pool so you can jump off of it this summer.

  2. Those are so cute and funny! Canton you have quite an assortment of facial expressions. Miss you!

  3. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy it looks like you are a jumping jack and you can jump so high…You are growing up so fast and getting so tall. I know the chairs are soft so you should be safe there and in the house but I know when Spring & Summer gets here, you will be outside jumping and playing. Have fun and be careful. We love all of you. Hope to see you or skype with you and Mom soon. Have a fun day……

  4. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy what a jumping jack you are. You can jump so high and look like you are having so much fun. I am glad you are jumping on the soft furniture as that also gives you a little bounce. When Spring & Summer gets here you will be able to go outside and jump at all of the safe places. You are really getting tall!!!! Have fun and be careful. I hope to see you or skype with you & Mom soon. We love all of you. Have a fun day….

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