Happy Third Birthday!

Can you believe it? THREE!! Time sure does fly when you do as much as I do!

We had a fun party, Poppy, Grandma, and Beth came down to see me! I had an amazing Spencer cake, which I did not eat of course, I was too full of strawberries! I enjoyed all my presents, Thomas of course! 🙂 I opened Rhonda and Mal’s presents via Skype, miss everyone!

Mom forgot a candle, so Saturday morning before the party we had to run to the Dollar Store. I told mom at the store that “we should get a present for Lilamae because she needs a presents since I’m getting a lot of presents” AWWWW!

Jess, Brian, and Dad worked on building by Legos, how many degrees does it take to build a Thomas Mountain?

We wrapped up the evening painting the shed, I told mom that I couldn’t stop for a picture because “I’m busy painting the shed, it’s hard work!”

Here’s to another great year! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy Third Birthday!

    I had alot of fun skyping with you today, thanks for letting me share in your birthday. You sure got alot of nice things. I like your picture with your hat on you look sooo CUTE!! Hope to see you in Florida soon!
    Love You BUNCHES!

  2. Hi Buddy
    Sorry we missed your birthday party, but it looks like you had all kinds of fun with everyone. We will be seeing you in a few weeks to go camping with Granpal,Me,Jag and Deputy!
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  3. Canton Gregory,
    We are so sorry we missed your 3rd. Birthday party. Hopefully I will start to feel better so we all can be together soon. I am so glad we got to skype with you today to watch you unwrap the gifts we sent you. I know you really liked the M&M’s and the goldfish and you will look so handsome in the 3 piece outfit and socks….It looks like Dad and his friends helped build something really really big with the Legos and we know you helped also. We have had three wonderful years to love you and to receive your love. You are such a wonderful, loving and precious Great Grandson. Always keep that smile and know we are here for you and love you so much. So glad you had such a “Happyn Birthday” and we look forward to celebrating many more with you, Mom & Dad.
    Love you……..

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