A New Type of Christmas

This Christmas was celebrated early to work around everyone’s schedules, but hey, I’m not going to complain about multiple days of presents! Nanny and Grandpa got here on December 10 so I got to spend a LOT of time with them and I even had 7.5 days of Becky! I’m so thankful everyone game to see me!

We all knew this Christmas was going to be a little different without Mal, but we did the best we could without her. We definitely felt her during the days and she even let her presence be known with a Redskins win and some snow on Christmas Eve, Mal sure loved snow. We had a great time being together and spending time with one another. I know I definitely had fun with everyone and enjoyed all my new presents! Especially my Read-Along Thomas books from Rhonda, my new Thomas quilt that Becky made, and my bike from Nanny and Grandpa!!!!!!!! I even got a quilt from Mal that she managed to finish, that was a great surprise to everyone.

We love you Mal!

Oh, and yeah, if you can’t see it, that is a BIG BROTHER shirt I have on! 🙂

One thought on “A New Type of Christmas

  1. Hi Buddy
    Man did you have a long Christmas!!!!! We sure do miss you. Grandpa and I really enjoyed being with you all. Keep riding your bike and maybe soon Dad can take off the training wheels, next time we see you we can go to the bike track.

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