Virginia Safari Park

WOW! Mom, Dad, and I went on quite an adventure today! We journeyed to Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge and what a treat we found!

We drove through over 180 acres of the coolest animals that come right up to your car! Ostrich, emus, deer, HUGE elk, llamas (which were super funny and greedy), giraffes, gazelles, oryx, wildebeest, bison, yak, watusi cattle, pigs, zebra, kangaroos, and even rhinos! But my favorite was definitely the camels. There are two types: dromedary which are probably the ones you are used to seeing (hump like a “d” only like 1000 lbs) and Bactrian, which are HUGE, 10 feet tall and 1800lbs!! It came right up, ate, and tried to steal our bucket, I laughed hysterically! Can’t wait to go back!

Canton and the Camel from Mike Murphy on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Safari Park

  1. Wow Canton it looks like you mom&dad had a really good day. I really like the picture of you and mom as kangaroos. Maybe you can take me to see the animals when I come up to see you!Love You Bunches!!!!


  2. Hi Buddy
    Oh My Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is so funny, you and the camels!!!!!!!!!!! Look like you had a fun time.

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