Our Week with Liberty!

It’s hard to believe Liberty is already one week old.  If one child changes your life, two definitely makes it much more complicated.  We’ve been trying to adjust to a “new normal” with our sweet girl.  Thank goodness she is SUCH a good baby.  Canton was trying, he was colicky, and all around generally not satisfied.  Liberty is so content and hardly fusses.  She is SO strong too, especially for such a tiny thing!  I guess it is better that your second baby is the flexible one.

Mike and Rhonda had her on her tummy on 7/10 and saw her roll over!  I’m calling a fluke, but even still, she can wiggle right out of her swaddle and drag herself several inches on her play-mat. She’s already starting to hold her head like a pro too!

Our first week was filled with vistors, doctor appointments, and lots of firsts.  It is hard not to wish the first few weeks away, especially being up every two hours and trying to provide Canton some sort of attention, but we are trying to be mindful of enjoying every moment.  We have had the best helper in Nanny for this week and will be so depressed when she leaves.  Hopefully everyone will be back soon for another visit.  We feel so blessed to have Liberty and look forward to all the incredible weeks to come!

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3 thoughts on “Our Week with Liberty!

  1. The second baby is always the chill one, right Berty? Glad you are taking it easy on mom and dad. Keep up the great work with your tummy time, it’s very important. I’ll be seeing you and Canton very soon. Uncle Ben says hi and is going to get a Cubs outfit for you since Mommy loves them so much.

  2. Hi Half Pint
    We are sure blessed to have you in our lives, you are a very good baby. I have had a great time with you this first week, hope I can spend many more with you as you grow.

  3. Great 1st week with you Liberty. You are an excellent baby. I had alot of fun with you, You are surely Heaven Sent!!
    Love You Bunches
    Great Aunt Rhonda

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