A Hiking We Will Go!

Who has two thumbs and LOVES Aunt Becky and Uncle Ben?




Here to tell you about Canton’s day hiking Massanutten Mountain, special guest blogger:  BECKY!

The three muskateers completed the 6 mile Massanutten Rim Trail with Canton giving us a big surprise with how well he hiked. He only needed piggy back rides for about a mile total on the trip. Multiple hikers along the way stopped to comment on Canton’s rugged camo hat and he soon told them all about his new Camelbak which helped keep him hydrated along the way. Throughout the adventure Canton learned about how trails are marked by spotting “blue clues” and making good choices in steps such as large, flat rocks and dirt instead of wobbly, pointy rocks. Canton enjoyed the view from the top and thought it was pretty funny that we were higher than the birds and that semi trucks looked so tiny from up high. The highlight of the trip was probably holding a millipede and feeling all the tiny legs. In Canton’s words “climbing up the mountain was pretty fantastic because I learned about trail markers in the mysterious forest.”

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One thought on “A Hiking We Will Go!

  1. Hi Buddy
    Well it looks like we have the next hicker of the family. You look so cute in your camo hat, I know you have had a great time with Becky and Ben. I am so glad they got to get up to see you all, you are a lucky little boy. Hope I can come see you soon.

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