Liberty Still Loves Pap

Pap and Janice dropped by today after their return from FL. Liberty was a little reluctant due to her over the top separation anxiety, but within 5 minutes she remembered how much she loves her Pap. Canton, of course, talked everyone’s ear off, and we’re thankful for Janice’s patience with all his space talk, she’s a good sport. Liberty enjoyed her snuggles and having Pap help her walk. She showed off her skills of getting to sitting from her stomach and her new way of crawling—downward facing dog pose into face plant that propels her forward, poor girl! Hope to see them soon!





One thought on “Liberty Still Loves Pap

  1. Hi Buddy, Halfpint
    Glad to see Pap gets down to see you’ll. Looks like you had a good time. I hope to see you both soon.

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