Liberty is 19 Months!

19 months we have had our sweet girl! She continues to grow and change each day.

She’s up to 6 whole teeth and one 1/2 tooth. She has 4.5 on the bottom and her two top.

She continues to do great with the potty, it will still be a bit until overnight, but we are just thrilled with our undies wearing girl! 🙂

Although she still loves outside, sadly that doesn’t happen much in January in VA. So, for inside activities, Liberty really enjoys reading and playing in her kitchen. She loves to sing ABCs and the Itsy Bitsy spider.

She still doesn’t have too many words but she understands so much! She can follow two and three step directions like a pro! We just say that Canton does all the talking for her. But, we seriously cannot WAIT until she starts talking!

Also this month, she is no longer in the crib but a toddler bed! She loves that she can get into her bed all by herself and does really well at staying there, much to our surprise! I’ve caught this girl climbing and planning an escape route way too many times!

Height: 25lbs
Weight: 33 inches





One thought on “Liberty is 19 Months!

  1. Hi Princess
    You are looking CUTE as ever!! You are growing up to fast! So glad your teeth are coming in. I cant wait for you to start talking too, I know you will have more to say than we can ever imagine!


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