Four Whole Weeks!!!!

Canton is four weeks old today!  I remember being young and how I would hate when relatives would gush over how much I’ve grown and hating it, funny how your perspective changes…  He continues to bless and amaze us with every passing day.  I seriously cannot imagine life without him, and we barely remember what our BC (before Canton) life was like.  These pictures show one of his new favorite things to do, look at his handsome reflection!  He is starting to coo, you can’t imagine the goose bumps it sends through you to hear your child respond to seeing themselves or seeing your face, I wonder what those first words will feel like?

3 thoughts on “Four Whole Weeks!!!!

  1. Awwww…. I remember saying, “Sean, I think Jonah’s making noises that AREN’T just crying!” So sweet, and such a nice reward after the first month!

    And the talking is great, too, but you can be glad it’ll be a while before he’s yelling stuff like, “Mom just went potty in the Target potty!! Yup!!!” Good times…

  2. Wow! I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks. I am so glad your hearts and lives are filled with the joy of being a parent. There are so many more great things ahead. He is going to be so strong….so great that you work so much with him. I bet he is making his aunt proud with all those workouts too. Hope to come see Canton next week!

  3. Hi Buddy
    Glad to see you are doing so well with all the skills mom and dad are giving you to do. I will be up to see you in about 3 weeks. Hope you will show me all your new things you can do, keep in shape because aunt Becky will be with me and you know what that means!!!!!!!

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