North Pole Musical!

Liberty and Adleigh performed in their show tonight! North Pole Musical was a hit! They worked so hard on their dance moves and perfecting their songs. Their voices carried throughout the theatre! We are so proud of them!

And Rhonda came!!

To Liberty As you Turn 11

Dear Liberty,

Happy 11th Birthday!

My sweet hibou, how are you 11? As someone who used to hang out with eleven-year-olds on a daily basis I have to say, I am so amazed by you! I have taught hundreds of kids, but none as kind and tender hearted as you. 

This year has been filled with awards that shine as evidence of your brains, persistence, and determination. You got all As again, Student of the Month, and PERFECT scores of your end of year tests! You also completed all your level 2 harp songs and will be moving to the Harp Ensemble in the fall.  You have been working diligently in speech and have shown much improvement. I still remember the little girl that was determined to ride a bike, and you did! You did it all by yourself! When I thought you needed a break or to regroup you just kept on, you knew you could do it! I see that same determination in you today. Whether it is working through a math problem, dancing your fingers across the harp, doing your speech exercises, or even just this week trying to improve your freestyle swim stroke, you are full of persistence and determination.  Those traits will take you so far in life. 

May you always “Just Keep Swimming”.

Owls are still a big part of your personality. But, you have added squirrels to the mix. We have a scurry of squirrels to observe in our backyard each day. You and Adleigh have given them names like Bushy, Bushward, Cinnamon, and of course dad’s favorite, Carl.  I love how you notice the little things that others may miss. You see the beauty in the simple, everyday miracles of life. Your office is filled with beautiful and detailed creations, and of course many, many Owen drawings. Your room, decorated with all those lovely owls, is a reflection of your unique personality and interests.

May you always “see living as its own reward” and find beauty in everything around you.

When I was little I always imagined my own family, but I cannot believe how lucky we are! I also wondered what my kids would be like. All three of you are beyond any expectation. You, my first girl, I worried if you would struggle with the same insecurities and lack of confidence I had. Not you, you know exactly who you are. You are the girl that has strong opinions about her clothes, her likes and dislikes, and you know your boundaries. You are the girl who would yell “Je suis forte!” as you worked to perfect your cartwheel. You are the girl that does her speech exercises without being reminded. You are the girl that knows how she best learns. You know musical theater is not your thing as much as it is for Canton, but you still committed to Stagelights and, in usual Liberty fashion, put so much work into your lines and blocking and produced a wonderful show! You also found that you love learning how things work backstage, the props, the lights and sounds, and you have all the makings of a fabulous crew member, you are a girl who knows how to get stuff done! 

May you always know who you are, and know you will always be enough.

You are heading to middle school this year, but still within the comforts of the home that means so much to your success. If I’ve learned anything from years in the trenches as a middle grade teacher, it is that you need role models and love more now than ever. You are still the little girl that nuzzles into me for hugs and gives the tightest hugs ever to dad, it is hard to imagine those days may be waning. As you step into this new year of your life, always remember how truly extraordinary you are. Keep being determined, keep finding joy in the things that captivate your heart, and keep being just who you are. You are a remarkable young human, and I am so lucky to be part of your journey. I promise I am always on your side. I will love you with all that I have each day, and that love is unconditional. 

“And when push comes to shove, I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love…”

Happy Birthday, my sweet, owl-loving, harp-playing, determined daughter. I love you more than words can express! Je t’aime hibou!!!

I love you, Liberty!!! Me and Lou and Lou and me, so happy together!!!



Owen’s Big Day

He he, I Owen. Owen took over the website to show Owen’s big day at work.

Owen arrived at Jones Hall to get some work done.

Then Owen started in the corner and quickly took over work.

After hard work, Owen needed a coffee and doughnut break.

Owen then held a meeting in the conference room and stopped by the help desk.

Owen then decided to supervise the construction happening outside.

Owen then got back to work in a Zoom meeting.

Owen then needed some office supplies and to make some important copies.

Owen then decided to buff the floor.

After a long day of work, Owen headed home and had his chauffeur drive him.

Then Owen was so happy to see Liberty!

Owen then had to help Liberty at speech. Here Owen being driven around by servant with Liberty

Owen resting now, such a big day for Owen!

Happy Father’s Day 2024

Mike had an early Father’s Day a few Fridays ago during the Food and Wine Festival at Busch with 15 meal sampler. He was quite happy at the end of that day. He has been so busy at WP with Peter and the Starcatcher.

While most dads will enjoy a steak and a day off of lawn care , Mike will be crew for the 2pm show and they will strike (take down) the set (which he helped build!) and then have their cast party and probably won’t be home until 11pm, as has been the case for countless days since March. Then Saturday he will help build the set for Canton’s show, Elf the Musical. That is just the dad he is, always looking for ways to support his kids’ endeavors. He may have dreamed of coaching Canton in wrestling, but we let our kids be who they are, and Mike adjusted his own expectations of teaching pin combinations to watching tap combos instead. He has literal blood, sweat, and tears into all of the kids’ pursuits, cheering from the wings as they blossom in so many unexpected ways. His flexibility and support makes him just the dad my kids need and the partner I am so blessed to have by my side. We love you, Mike! Happy Father’s Day!