Five Weeks!

I’m five weeks today!  I spent the day with all my visitors and showing off all my tricks.  Mom and Dad found my future babysitter in Hannah, Uncle Jesse entertained me, and I got to see Mal and Pap again!  I went to the doctor yesterday and I’m 9 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches, Mom and Dad cannot believe how much I have grown!

3 thoughts on “Five Weeks!

  1. Canton I liked holding you and feeding you. It looks like you woke up to play after I left. You are very cute.

  2. It was great seeing you all this week. I can’t believe how much Canton has grown and changed….and how strong he is! I am thankful things are going so well for you. Thanks for making Hannah feel so special and allowing her to hold Canton. She wants to come back and watch him play with all his cool toys. Keep up the great job mom and dad! 🙂

  3. Hi Canton,
    What a blessing you are Canton Gregory. We love you so very much and are so proud to be your Great Grandparents. We enjoy our visits with you, Mom & Dad and to watch you grow and learn new things.
    When you look in your mirror and see yourself, it is like you are saying “Well he looks just like me”.
    You are a precious baby boy and our love will always be with you.
    Thanks to Mom & Dad for blessing all of us with such a “special little boy”.

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