Liberty is FOUR WEEKS

Seriously?  How does this happen?

They say August is the Sunday of Summer, it seems that time is just flying for our sweet girl.  The first few weeks of Canton seemed to take forever, but this time around it has amazed us how much she has grown already.  Tipping the scales at 9.5 lbs she’s already grown like 50%!  Hug ’em tight, it flies.


2 thoughts on “Liberty is FOUR WEEKS

  1. Hi Half Pint
    Seems like Mom& Dad are now OLD, if time flys by. You sure have grown. I wish we could be there more often to see you, hope you are having fun with Canton!!!!! You are a real doll baby.
    We love and miss you,

  2. Happy 4 weeks my Little Princess!! I cant believe how big you have gotten, you are so cute. I miss you so much. I hope I can come back soon. I see they are trying to sneak you in some blue clothes, dont worry I will fix that.(ha ha)


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