Canton’s 5th Birthday Party!

Even the rain couldn’t keep us from having a great time celebrating Canton’s 5th birthday! Can’t believe our big man is 5 and will be off to school soon!

We appreciated having his friends: Chase, Luke, Elias, Alex, and his very special friend, Sam from school, all here to celebrate with us. But, nothing made Canton happier than having his Nanny here. Nanny is his superhero and he was ecstatic that she and Rhonda made the 13 hour trip just for his birthday!

Of course the space theme was in full force–plates, cups, napkins, banner, hanging decorations, and of course–the cake. His presents followed theme: some hanging planets from Mom and Dad and well as Chase and Luke, new space clothes from Nanny and Rhonda, a bat from Poppy and Grandma, some space books by Stephen Hawking from Aunt Becky and Uncle Ben (he’s has greatly been enjoying those and mom appreciates the story vs textbook reading!:) ) school supplies from Beth, a very special stuffed polar bear that he named Iceberg from Rhonda, and his absolute favorite present–a blowup rocket from Nanny! Thanks to Janice brought some cool building blocks and even brought her special camera for mom to take lots of pictures!

Canton kept his tradition of not eating the cake, he has asked for cookie cake again 🙂

Here is to five incredible years!

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One thought on “Canton’s 5th Birthday Party!

  1. Happy cinco de canton! Glad you had an awesome birthday! It’s so hard to believe you are a 5 year old. Ben is really happy you like the books he picked out. Love you mucho!

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