To Canton As You Turn 8

May 13, 2009–the day our lives forever changed

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Last Day Being 7:

Dear Canton,

EIGHT?!?  How did that happen?  You are officially a kid now, not a big little kid, but a straight up kid. I feel like now we are raising you for the big moments of your teen years and the adult you will be, but I will always miss the little version of you.

You started our little Murphy Family!  This past year we have watched you grow taller, grow braver, lose teeth, gain new interests, and take on the challenges of the world.

You started your year still loving Mythbusters, astronomy,  and Star Wars, but your love of marine biology and art has blossomed.  You moved from T-ball to machine pitch and took up interest in sewing, even making your own whale stuffed animal!  My heart melts when I watch you do something you love.

One thing that hasn’t changed, how much you love family, especially your sisters.  Adleigh has been all over the place this year, she’s a mover and a shaker, but you have been right along side her, encouraging her and watching out for her.  You entertain and teach Liberty and have had many great adventures together!  When we moved here your old first grade class made you a book and the constant theme throughout (besides how much they would miss their cool friend) is how much you love your family.  You are not immune to sibling squabbles, but there is no doubting how much you love your sisters.  May you always carry that love and priority in your heart.  Family first!

Always nurture kindness.  You are a sensitive soul.  You love deeply, feel deeply, and hurt deeply.  Protect your heart but treat others kindly.  I love how you will start up a conversation with anyone.  Continue to see the best in people, share what you have and what you know, and stand up for the little guy (make “good trouble”).

Follow your Passion.  One of my favorite things about you is how you laugh with your whole face.  You also can spend hours reading or making creations on subjects that are important to you (marine biology).  Since you were a baby sleep has never been important to you, you are always going 186,000 miles per second (see what I did there 🙂 ). May you always live with the same zest.

We joke sometimes how Liberty, maybe even Adleigh, will move out before you do, and how you will live next door to us when you grow up, but I agree with you; I want to live with you forever too.

The tides are turning, I can feel it.  I love when you come up and give me a hug when I’m not expecting it.  You still ask to snuggle at night and sing our song, thankfully you haven’t retreated to your room slamming the door (yet).  You still spend most of your time downstairs with us, but you are going to the office alone to work more and more, always know we will be here for you, even if you don’t want to be in the same room as us.

It is my honor to be your mom and I’m so glad that I have had to chance to help shape you from a sweet and inquisitive baby to the young man you are becoming. Even if I don’t get to hold your hand as much anymore, you will always hold my heart in your hand, no matter how big it gets.

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