To Liberty As You Turn 5

Dear Liberty,

You are FIVE! 5 is a big deal! One of the biggest!

Five years ago I remember eating pineapple in the kitchen in Harrisonburg and motoring around the track at the elementary school, doing anything I could do get our very late baby out of me! Now, I just want to hold you close forever! How did it go so fast? Pap and Becky actually had a bet that I wouldn’t have another baby after Canton. They thought I couldn’t love another baby as much as him. I wondered if I could too. Then they placed me in your arms and said “It’s a Girl!” and I thanked Mal for sending you to me. My heart grew and grew that day. I knew you were my perfect girl forever.

You and I started some remarkable journeys together. You represent the close of a beautiful chapter in Mal and the start of another, you. You were the start of my life at home in a new home. You are the link to the past and the path to the future. We have shared almost every minute together. You changed my life in so many ways.  But, you aren’t a baby/toddler/preschooler anymore. You are a child ready to explore the world. You will experience so many new things in the coming year without me.

I really believe you were waiting so long to be born on such a fabulous day! July 4th is for family, food, and fireworks! It celebrates so much of what we are all thankful for. It was my favorite holiday growing up. I remember sitting in the back of Rhonda and Greg’s truck listening to funny stories and great music waiting for the fireworks to light the sky. Now you are the light of each and every day.

You accomplished so much this year! You went to school. You had a love/hate relationship with preschool. In October, not long after school started, I had a flat tire on the van. You cried and cried because you didn’t want to miss school, our lovely neighbor Krista actually ended up driving you. By January, you cried and cried because you didn’t want to go. You missed mommy and Adleigh and a lot of the time you felt pretty crummy. We went through a lot with blood tests, different doctors, ER trips, crazy meds, all in attempts to figure out how to make you feel better. You carried a lot of burdens but you remained a sweet and brave girl. That mama bear instinct is real, all I wanted to do was protect you and get you feeling better. I thought I was the strong one, but you had it inside you the whole time. Will, determination, strength, a fierce fighter you are Liberty May.

You are learning how to swim and read! You have made friends. You battled aches and fatigue and learned to cope with your asthma and allergies. You are learning to sit dive and go under right now and I am in awe of your determination to improve. You keep saying “Let’s Go!” to yourself and you have met every challenge. You can count past 100 and even add some numbers! You squealed with delight when you finally perfected a “little e” while writing “Liberty”. You have filled our halls with your artwork. You have learned to read some and scream every time you see “the”! May you always have that “Hilda May” fight and determination for perfection inside you.

You are an incredible sister, especially to Adleigh. It has been the joy of my life to watch you two together, especially this past year. I don’t know what she is going to do in the fall without you. You guys are best friends. Adleigh loves to say “be twins with Liberty” as she tries to dress like you so days. You play princesses and pretend to be PJ masks all day long. You tell her stories, sing together, do calendar, show her how to draw and put on her shoes. You are protective on her, if she cries you always try to comfort her, I’ve seen you race across the driveway many times yelling her name if she’s taken a tumble and you jump to help. You have your own language I think! Sometimes you can understand what she is saying better than any of us! So much of who Adleigh is is because of her big sister! Your siblings are the only people that understand your upbringing. It is a special bond. May you three always be the best of friends.

Each night when we sing “skinamarink” and “Me and Lou” you shout “EXTRA KISSES” as I cover your face with sloppy kisses! It is the very best part of my day. May you always show others how strongly you love.

In a couple months you will get on the bus, start school, make friends, learn, grow, all without me. But I hope as you grow you will always know just how loved you are. One of my favorite things to hear you say is “tomorrow tomorrow” when trying to figure out our schedule for various events. I will be here always for you, today, tomorrow, and tomorrow tomorrow.

Love you forever,


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  1. To my Special Princess
    It is so hard to believe that is has been 5 years ago that you were born. I can still remember waiting and so hoping you would be a little girl.Now we know why we waited so long, because a special girl needed a special day. Now July 4th brings more than fireworks. We get to also celebrate You, and all the LOVE and JOY that you have brought to my life! So just remember that no matter how old you are you will always be my LITTLE PRINCESS and I will always be there for you!


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