Liberty the Champ

Liberty has been battling what I thought was swimmers ear for the past couple days but I had to run her to urgent care yesterday with a bad ear infection. First one for any of the kids!

She was terrified to leave the house because of covid, it was heartbreaking, I thought she was going to have a full blown panic attack. Somehow I was able to calm her down, we were the last patient of the day, and everything went smoothly. She even commented how clean it smelled in the office, a first!

Today she’s in the kitchen baking! Can’t get this girl down!

One thought on “Liberty the Champ

  1. AWW! My Little Princess,so glad you got some medicine to help your ear. I am sure you will feel better soon. That cookie cake you are making looks soooo yummy!!! I know that will help you feel better, Enjoy.


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