Happy 5th Birthday Adleigh

Adleigh is Five!!!

Mama woke her up singing to her

Insert video

Her class sang to her

She loved her flamingo tablecloth!

Catching leaves for good luck

Thanks for the 5s Pap!

Thanks Becky and Ben for the pillow case and stuffed animal!

Thanks Beth for the bag and enchanted doll! Thanks Poppy and Grandma for the awesome flamingo sheets and cute stuffed animal! Special thanks for the Zoom call, good to see you!

Canton and Liberty found a cool flamingo cup and a flamingo book bag!!

Nanny and Rhonda were able to FaceTime and Adleigh got a Polly pocket, some clothes, and a GYMNASTICS BAR and mat!!!!!!

Cake video

One thought on “Happy 5th Birthday Adleigh

    So glad Nanny and I got to face time with you and join in your Birthday celebration. Glad you liked everything. Keep practicing on your bars and you can keep showing us all your tricks. Hopefully next year will be back to normal and we can come and visit.


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