Happy 12th Birthday Canton!

12 years ago at 11:14 am you (quite literally) burst into our lives and it has never been the same!

Although we are still in Covid we tried to make it a fun day.

You woke up with your new Queen shirt and watched a Star Trek with dad. The girls and I bust into History class (after instruction) just in time for your birthday moment to sing to you!


You enjoyed a potsticker lunch

We had fun dancing at 12:34

We got to FaceTime with Nanny and Rhonda, we had Poppy, Grandma, and Beth last night. Then we enjoyed a great steak dinner and brownies.

Card from Pap!

Happy Birthday Canton! We love you to the sun and back!

One thought on “Happy 12th Birthday Canton!

    So happy that Nanny & I got to faceTime with you this afternoon to help celebrate your birthday! It was a lot of fun to see everyone. Your brownies and steaks look delicious hope you enjoyed them. Hope to see you in person soon.


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