Happy 10th Birthday Liberty!

Our sweet girls is 10!

The day started with an owl sister picnic!

Liberty got her cute birthday shirts from Rhonda of course!

Then she opened presents from us, she particularly loved the snow globe. Owen was never far from the action.

Next up was FaceTime with Poppy, Grandma, and Beth. She is so excited for all the books to read and cuddles with her new stuffed owl, Celeste.

Then, Liberty FaceTimed with Nanny and got three owls shirts.

Finally, Liberty got to open presents from Rhonda! She loved the card that sings Happy Birthday and does fireworks! As Canton said, “I’ve never seen so much energy put into a card.” Liberty awwwed Solina the stuffed owl, the monster high doll with owl sidekick, and the Barbie mascot that is an owl!! She is very excited for all her new shirts and skorts. Liberty is perhaps most excited about the new purple silk sheets for her bed!

We enjoyed a great dinner and cake!

We then got to Facetime with Pap before heading to CW for fireworks! Happy Birthday Liberty! We love you!

One thought on “Happy 10th Birthday Liberty!

    I am so happy I was able to celebrate your birthday with you, and watch fireworks! It’s so hard to believe that My Little Princess is 10. You are so smart and so beautiful and I love you so much, you will always be so very special to me!


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