Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas to All!

The Murphy kids sure must have been good this year! Santa brought them all musical instruments and Adleigh named their band “The Squirrels”! Canton has already taken off with learning some chords on the guitar. Liberty can actually make a great sound on the violin, as opposed to my creaking staircase sound. Adleigh has played her ukulele so much she has a blister 🙁

We enjoyed FaceTiming and opening gifts with Nanny and Rhonda. Thanks to Becky and Ben for the games they sent!

Liberty is so excited to her new silky pjs and sheets!

Thanks for Pap for the cards! So glad we got to spend time with you!

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Winchester Christmas

We visited Pap and the Murphy crew for an early Christmas.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at Pap’s followed by a stroll around his property and spending some time together. We are always so grateful and so blessed to have time with him!

Then we had dinner at Poppy and Grandma’s with Beth and opened presents. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Eve 2022

We FaceTimed with Beth, Poppy and Grandma! We enjoyed seeing their festive glasses, headbands, and sweaters. Canton loved his ships and the girls were so excited about their books! Liberty quickly figured out this color sphere hand held game and has been beating us all night. Mike was perhaps the most excited with his Atari game 🙂

Later we opened gifts from mom and dad. Adleigh loved her Flamingo themed box, Liberty is excited to use her new owl bag, and Canton can’t wait to beat us all at the Chronology history game. Let’s get those cookies and milk, Santa is coming soon!

Merry Christmas 2021

Thankful for all our blessings! Another year on lockdown but grateful for FaceTime and the power of USPS. Here’s to future gatherings! May you each have space today to make memories and reflect on the year. Love to all!

Thanks for the FaceTime Nanny and Rhonda!