I want to see too!

Today was a pretty busy day, but Sean and Sara brought by a delicious meal for us so we didn’t have to cook, many many thanks to the Sharps! 

Canton, Mommy, and Daddy were spending some quality Tummy Time today when Canton decided he wanted to see what else there was around him.  So being the big 8 day-old man he is, he decided to lift his head off the mat and explore the world!  It was only for a moment but Daddy was able to take a picture at the right moment!   Next week is his ABCs, followed by bear hunting.

One thought on “I want to see too!

  1. aww look at my strong little man! that’s so awesome, he’s going to be a baller in no time. thanks for keeping the updates and for letting me spend his first days with you guys. i had so much fun and he definitely has a huge place in my heart already. can’t wait to see you 3 in a month! love ya’ll (that’s what they say in Floyd, right?)

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