Happy Father’s Day!

Dad’s first Father’s Day was an amazing one!  I started the day by giving the best gift of all – sleeping from 10:30pm to 4:30am!  Oh how six hours of continuous sleep is such a luxury for Mom and Dad. 🙂  Mommy and I had earlier planned to give Dad a great Father’s Day.  I picked out a frame with my name on it, some Father’s Day golf balls, and best of all, a SuperDad t-shirt!  All we need now is a cape!

I spent the rest of the day rocking out with Dad, having some serious conversations, playing with Mom and Roxy, and going for a walk in my new carrier!  The carrier seemed a little big for me still but Dad gave it a try anyways.  Once the day was over, I curled up in my swing, my favorite place to sleep, and took a long, well deserved nap.

Dad told me that being a Dad means more than words can explain or any single day can give meaning to.  He said once I was in his arms for the first time, his world completely changed and gave new meaning.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

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