Aunt Becky Has Arrived!

I’m super busy now that aunt Becky and Mr. Ben are here, but I wanted to post a few pictures for everyone to see.  I put my Florida Gators shirt back on just for her, you can see my opinion has changed since the last time I wore it.  Grandma will be here tomorrow!  I know these two will keep me busy! 

3 thoughts on “Aunt Becky Has Arrived!

  1. Hey big man!! I miss Mommy and you so much on my first trip away from you guys but you look like you’re doing well. However, the stain on your shirt doesn’t look like you’ve changed your mind about Florida too much. Keep Mommy on her toes and I will be home in a few days.


  2. Hey Can Man! Look at that smile!! Your growing into a handsome little man. Hope to see you soon!

    Aunt Beth

  3. Wow! I can’t believe how fast you are changing. That smile is incredible. Looks like you are glad to see your Aunt Becky. I am sure you will have a great week showing her and grandma all your new tricks. Keep smiling at everyone…give dad an extra big smile when he gets home casue I know he must be homesick to see you!


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