Mal and Pap Return

Mal and Pap came back to see me for another visit.  We had a nice weekend of playing, listening to music, playing in my gym, and showing them the sights of our county.  I’ll get to meet my other set of great grandparents next weekend.  I’m very lucky to have both sets of great grandparents!

One thought on “Mal and Pap Return

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a wonderful time we had with you, Mom & Dad this past week-end. We enjoyed so much being with all of you, playing with you, going to the Jamboree, taking a ride and being home and playing with you. You have got the cutest smile and your “coos” are the sweetest ever. You are growing so fast and doing so many more things. You are a little boy who has brought so much love and joy to our lives. Mom & Dad are doing an excellent job taking care of you. Remember always that we love you so much……Next time we see you I am sure you will have grown more and doing new things. Love you!!!!

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