Growing Man

I had my two month check-up today, I tipped the scales at 11 pounds 9 ounces and am 22.75 inches.  I had two shots today also, mom and dad didn’t handle that too well, but I was a champ.

Here are some pictures of me playing in my activity gym and working on all those gross motor skills, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Growing Man

  1. Hi Buddy
    Sorry to hear you had to get shots today, I am sure you got Mom and Dad through it just fine. They will be ok by morning. I sure do wish I could see you all. Hope you and Mom&Dad have a good night. Love you all!!!!!!

  2. The way you continue to grow it won’t take too many more month till you will be holding you own fishing pole and wading the bass waters of the Shenandoah River with Granddad!
    It was good to see you and looking forward to seeing the entire family later this month.

  3. Hi Canton Gregory,
    My how you are growing!! Everytime we see new pictures of you it is amazing how you have gotten bigger. We are so proud of you for being good and such a big boy today when you got your shots. We are coming down to see you, Mom & Dad tomorrow to spend the week-end and we are looking forward to having a wonderful visit. You are a wonderful blessing and you bring such love and joy to all of us.
    Love you bunches!!!!

  4. Look at you holding that big ole noggin’ up Can-Man! You are the strongest little thing I’ve ever seen. Glad you took the visit to the doctors well…I hope mom & dad spoiled you extra afterwards! Miss you so very much. Mr. Ben says hi and keep up the burping.

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