I like THINGS!

It’s offical–Canton is finally entertained by things!  After weeks of us thrusting toys upon him he’s really starting to interact with them within the past week. 

Here he is tracking his puppy dog rattle, he can follow objects 180 degrees quite well…

I like THINGS! 021I like THINGS! 019I like THINGS! 020

Playing with the stereotypical infant toy, debuting today, keys!  He wasn’t sure about them at first…I like THINGS! 032

but he soon changed his mind

I like THINGS! 036I like THINGS! 030

After a few minutes he wanted his best friend back

I like THINGS! 047

Then Canton decided he wanted to sit, but quickly inched himself from propped sitting into propped standing (his favorite position these days)

I like THINGS! 005 (sorry, I haven’t figured out how to rotate in this software yet…obviously “I” is Christy!)

The best part about today was Canton finally reaching his blue ring in his bouncy seat!  He’s been grabbing the lower side rings for a few weeks, but out of nowhere he got them today!!!

I like THINGS! 049I like THINGS! 048

I wasn’t able to capture a picture of it, but he was pretty proud of himself from pulling the once unreachable ring and thrilled when he saw HE could play the music instead of waiting on mom and dad!!

It is funny how everyday brings new milestones and changes.  We are the luckiest parents in the world! 🙂

One thought on “I like THINGS!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well you finally grabbed on to the blue ring in your bouncy seat. I knew you could do it! You know if you pull on it you will hear music. What a smart little boy you are and everyday you learn more new tricks and things to do. Your Mom & Dad spend quality time with you teaching you how to do things and new tricks. You are so lucky to have parents like Mom & Dad. They love you so much and love spending time with you. All of us love you!!!! You look so big “standing up”!!! The next thing you will be doing is probably climbing, crawling or talking….I can hardly wait!!Hope to see all of you real soon.. Love you!!!

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