Yankee Baby

Dad and I bought mom some super cute New York Yankee onesies for her birthday.  They aren’t really for her, but she got a lot of enjoyment out of them.  Here are pictures of us gearing up for tonight’s game against those hated BoSox.

3 thoughts on “Yankee Baby

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Cute, cute and cuter…..Aren’t you something in your New York Yankee onesies!!! I know you will be sitting right there with Mom & Dad watching the game. You are going to be a computer wiz and an avid sports fan. Be good and have fun today with Mom & Dad. We love you so very much and thank you for all of the precious pictures……Hope to see all of you soon…..

  2. Can-Man, you are already waaaayyyy cuter than Jeter! I know you are pretty amazing at staying awake, but were you able to watch the whole baseball game? If you did, you beat me…I can’t even do that! 🙂
    Miss you all!

  3. Hi cutest nephew in the world. I had a dream with you in it last night. Makes me miss you a ton and wish I could see you right now! Hopefully soon though. Can’t wait to talk to you this weekend!!

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