Busy Busy

It has been a busy couple days for me, mom, and dad.  Mom offically returned on work on Monday.  She had a terrible time, but she is thankful she has Gayle to take care of me.

Wednesday mom and dad only had to work until 3, so we had time to celebrate my 14th week birthday with some tummy time, reading, and clapping games.


Later that day I saw my first rainbow…


Thursday was the BIG day.  The first day of school and mom’s birthday.  It was hard for mom to leave me, but she knows I am in good hands.  Here are a few pictures of me at Gayle’s dad took for mom at lunch.


Later, when mom got home after a LONG day, we played and had a great time.  Here are pictures of when we first saw each other after such a long day…


I capped off a long day with a relaxing bath…


Mom’s sorry she hasn’t had time to update for the last couple days, we have just been enjoying every minute we have together.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes and loads of support for her first week back, she sure didn’t know how tough it would be to leave me!

One thought on “Busy Busy

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well it sure looks like you had a very busy week. You turned 14 weeks old, Mom had a birthday, you saw your first rainbow which looked so beautiful and you had a real good time when Mom & Dad returned home from work to spend time playing and loving you. You are such a lucky little boy to be loved so much. I am so glad Mrs. Gayle is taking such good care of you and also teaching you new things. You have grown so much since we saw you last. Now Mom & Dad have the week-end to be with you and I know all of you will have a great time….After such a busy day I know you enjoyed your bath. I know you and Dad helped Mom to have a wonderful birthday….I enjoy “talking” to you on the telephone and hearing you “talk” back to me. We love you so much and do hope to see all of you soon…..

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