6 Months!!!!!!

I am SIX WHOLE MONTHS OLD today!  I started the day with stinkin shots at my doctor’s appointment.  I’m 17 lbs 40z and 26.5 inches.  Right on target for height and weight but I’m in the 92nd percentile for head circumference–thanks a lot for your big head mom! 

Then I went to the high school to see all the wonderful people up there.  Once we got back home I enjoyed my first attempt at real food!  Sweet potatoes!  I ate them up!  Mom figured on feeding me about 1/3 of the container for the first time, I definitely ate up all 2.5 oz!!!  I got a little fussy being contained in my high chair so Mom picked me up to hold and feed me, then I decided I wanted to feed myself and I got Mom messier than I was.  ** Good luck in your marathon Aunt B!

As I sit here holding my big man I can’t help but reflect upon how our lives have changed.  Our crazy Friday nights are now consumed with trying new foods and practing pincher grabs, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you to all of those special people who have helped us get this far.  Hard to imagine what Canton will be like in another six months!

One thought on “6 Months!!!!!!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    “Happy, Happy 6 Month Birthday….You are the most precious little boy and bring so much love and joy to all of the family. Glad you did so well when you got your shots. You are growing so much and learning so many new things. So glad to see you like your sweet potatoes. They are really good for you and you have lots more good food coming. Looks like Mom was not feeding you fast enough so you took the spoon and fed yourself….We are so proud of you and love you with all of our heart. Your smile and eyes are adorable….Hope to skype with all of you tomorrow…..Love you!!!!!

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