27 Weeks!

Well, I’m on the other half of a year now, Mom and Dad just can’t believe it.  Today I tried squash for the first time.  I didn’t eat it with quite the gusto of my sweet potatoes, but I still managed to eat the whole container.  I’ve also been practicing pulling up–cruising here I come!

3 thoughts on “27 Weeks!

  1. A few things Can-man…
    1. Happy 27 weeks.
    2. I like your thuggin’ pants.
    3. You need to clip your toe nails. I zoomed into your right foot and you have some crack nails growing, kid. 🙂
    4. You’re the most adorable and fun baby in the whole world.
    5. I miss you!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    “Happy 27th. Week Birthday”. My how these weeks and months fly by. You are growing up so fast!!! You have learned so many things and each new day brings you a new adventure. I love to see you standing up already. It was so much fun to skype with you and Mom this evening. You have another new toy which you seem to like very much and you certainly are using the teething ring as it feels so good to your gums. I sure hope that tooth comes in soon!! Hope you liked the squash and soon you will be eating another vegetable. They will make you big and strong…..Hope to see all of you soon. Stay as sweet and cute as you are and always keep that adorable smile….Love all of you…

  3. Hi Coach~

    Canton is a cute little bugger! What a happy face.. Dad’s too! We are so happy for you all. Wishing you all a very special 1st Christmas! See you at the wrestling mat!

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