7 Months!

Can you believe it? I’ve been here for seven whole months! Mom and Dad were reflecting on their last Christmas, they said this Christmas is going to be the best ever because of ME! I look a little different this month because of my helmet, but it is already making a difference. I have physical therapy tomorrow, I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

We celebrated the day by practicing standing, cruising (I made it halfway down the couch all by myself!), and wrapping presents. New on the menu–pears and applesauce. I’m not really a fan of the sweet stuff, veggies for me! Of course, I played a lot, I’m really interested in the wheels in my toys, I’m trying to figure out how these crazy things work. Then Mom really had to get some stuff done around the house and she stuck in me in this crazy basket, but I really liked it! I also helped in the kitchen today, and found a fun new toy–a bag of french fries. Dad says that I’ll get so many interesting more toys in just 12 days if I continue to be a good boy!

3 thoughts on “7 Months!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Happy 7 months Birthday!!! It seems as though time is just flying by so fast and you are growing and learning so many things. I am so happy you are doing well with your helmet. Today when we skyped with you and Mom I noticed you are turning your neck much better. Soon it will be time to take the helmet off and everything will be fine. You look so cute in the basket. Bet you had fun in it. Maybe when you have somemore pears and applesauce you will like them better. They are good for you….I bet the bag of french fries was cold…..Yes, Christmas is going to be in 12 days and we are looking so forward to being with you, Mom & Dad. It will be such a wonderful day and I can hardly wait to watch you open your presents to see the expression on your face. I know you will like everything…..Keep that wonderful smile!!! Love you….

  2. Canton-
    You and your parents are going to have the best Christmas ever! You look adorable in that helmet and I bet Santa will be very good to you because you are being such a good boy by wearing your helmet and doing all those special exercises. Keep sharing that sweet smile with everyone!

  3. Hey Canton-
    That cool helmet you got makes you look like a wrestler!
    Merry Christmas.

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