38 Weeks!

Mom and I have had a lot of fun together, even though she’s making me work hard, she hasn’t had to work this whole week! She’ll go to work tomorrow I’m betting so she was in a “mom mood”, wanting lots of pictures of me today, especially close-ups.

I’ve been getting SOOOO close to crawling, I can do the army crawl, and I moved one arm and leg motion yesterday but then I splatted out.

I’ve also been pulling myself up in all kinds of things and making Mom nervous! Today, I almost pulled myself all the way up in Dad’s desk chair (mom helped me) but I definitely problem-solved enough to get back down! Mom didn’t like that too much…she thinks I’m going to get into trouble.

I’m being a big helper too helping Mom and Dad dress me, that’s why mom has a picture of dad taking off my shirt.

She wanted to get some close-up pictures of my hands and feet to show how big I have gotten, she also got my head to show all the blonde/brown hair I’ve been getting. Mom and Dad always argue over my hair color, Dad says blonde with brown eyes and Mom says brown with blue eyes…let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “38 Weeks!

  1. Hi Buddy
    Well I see you are moving right along. I know you will be crawling/walking soon. I say brown/green, just like me………….
    Hope to see you real soon.
    Love Granmal

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You get cuter and sweeter everyday!!! Pap and I think your hair will be a light brown and your eyes a deep brown. Sorry I have not written to you but I have been sick since Christmas. I willl make it up to you soon. You are leaning so many new things. I am so thankful I have been able to skype with you and Mom. That way I can see how you are growing. Love you, “Mal”

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