Stairway to….

I’ve been keeping mom and dad up the last few nights because I’m standing up in my crib now. Then, this morning, mom went to wash my bottle and she thought I was just a little too quiet, so she walked back to check on me and found me on the stairs!

3 thoughts on “Stairway to….

  1. Hi Buddy
    Way to go I knew it would not take you long, next step jumping out of the crib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like your Uncle Jesse did right at 8 months, of course he probably had couching from your Mom and Aunt Becky. I bet you have a new word you hear alot now (NO). Just keep smiling Buddy.
    Love Granmal

  2. Well hello there Canton Gregory,
    Canton is on the first step, Canton is on the second step and the next thing we all know is you will be all the way to the top, going in the bathroom, climbing up to investigate the sky light…….Your interests amaze me and wonders never cease. You are so smart and look around to see what you can do next to make all of us wonder, is he going to graduate high school at the age of 10!!!! You are so precious and are filling all of our lives with so much love and happiness. Your Mom & Dad are doing a wonderful job teaching you and loving you so much. Keep skyping with me as that always brightens my day…..Love all of you,,,,”Mal” & Pap

  3. Canton….there is no slowing you down now! Tell mom and dad that the fun is just beginning as you show them all the fun and scary things you will do as you learn to move and be more independant! You continue to keep mom busy on all these snow days so she won’t get bored – ha!

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