9 Months!

Mom and I had a fun day celebrating my nine months. Dad has been at a wrestling tournament for a couple days so I’ve been the man of the house. I spent the day skyping with family members, crawling, walking with my truck, climbing up and down from my chair, practicing waving, trying some pasta, playing peek-a-boo and tickle games with mom, and turning my toys on and off. I’ve been interested in how things work lately and I can turn a couple of my toys on, but there are a few that are a little harder to figure out. I’ve also had exposure the word “no” a lot lately, I think mom defintely has the “teacher look” down, she still has to work on that “mom look” though, but I’m getting better. I got my first bruise today too, I fell while driving my walker and mom didn’t quite catch me, you can see it on my forehead. I recovered quickly though.

We winded down the day with my favorite book The Pout-Pout Fish. Since about Christmas I have been pointing to the fish on each page, mom decided she should finally get some pictures of this, it is just hard to do at bedtime.

Mom is amazed every day at the big man I have become. She knows that her happiness is in large part to Dad, she tells me that he is a kind, patient, funny, smart guy and she hopes I’ll be a lot like him one day. She is so blessed to have such a loving husband, wonderful friends and family, and an incredible son that amazes her each and every day! 🙂

9 Months from Mike Murphy on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “9 Months!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Happy 9 Month Birthday!!!! You have grown so fast and learned so many, many new things. It is so much fun to skype with you and Mom so I can see the progress you are making. It seems as though everyday you do something different. I love it when you slide down from the chair and then turn to look at me and wait until I say Yea Canon and clap for you.!!Sorry you got your first bruise today but glad it was just a small one….It is amazing to watch you walk with the truck we gave you for Christmas. You really can go fast and do well. You are a smart little boy and are a blessing to everyone in the family. One day soon you will just turn loose and start walking all by yourself. Thanks for taking care of Mom while Dad was away. I know you were such a big help to her. Dad will be glad to be back home today as I know he missed you and Mom very much….Be good and keep on skyping with me as it brightens my day….Love you….
    Mal” & Pap

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