44 Weeks!

Another week has flown by!  This week I’ve walked more and maybe even said my first word.  I’ve been saying da-da, ma-ma, ba-ba, etc for a while, I just don’t know what I’m really saying.  But each time I take off walking I shout “GO”, so mom and dad have decided that “go” is my first word.  Yesterday I shouted “I’mmmmm aaaaa ba-nan-aaaaa”…just how my syllables came out, mom and dad thought it was the funniest thing, so they’ve started calling me banana.  Just wait until they see what I have in store next week.

One thought on “44 Weeks!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Happy 44 Weeks Birthday!!! You get cuter and more precious with every new week. You look so cute with your new teeth and waving hi. Looks like you will be walking by yourself real soon, and climbing the steps. I love it when I hear you talk when we skype. You will be saying lots of new words real soon. I enjoy it so much when you and Mom skype with us. I am looking so forward to your Birthday when we all can be together. That will be a wonderful day. Have fun today. We love all of you. “Mal” & Pap

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