45 Weeks!

What a week!  I got my first bee sting yesterday–dumb bee 🙁  Mom took care of it.  We called Grandma and she said to put baking soda on it, once I decided it wasn’t for eating it helped a lot.  I was a trooper, mom felt a lot worse than I did.  But, I’m going to be a mountain boy, so it is bound to happen I guess.

I got a package today from the Conejito de pascua–that’s the Mexican Easter Bunny for those of you not as worldly as my aunt Becky!  As you can see by the pictures I’m a typical boy, throwing the clothes aside and going right for the toys!  Thanks so much aunt Becky!  See you in less than 50 days! 🙂

**Excuse mom on the picture–she got her numbers switched!

3 thoughts on “45 Weeks!

  1. Hey Steve (haha Mom will get that joke),
    Glad the Mexican Easter Bunny found you all the way up in Floyd, man what a trip! Looks like I should have bought you a waterproof shirt instead the way you have been drooling lately 🙂 Hope you enjoy the new bathtoys, they look really fun. Keep staying strong and showing mama that you are a tough man. See you soon my little nugget!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a way to spend your 45th. Week Birthdayt!!!We are so sorry you got stung by that big bee. Hope the rest of the evening was happy for you and your precious little hand did not hurt too much.. Looks like Aunt Becky sent you some nice things. Bet you are having lots of fun with all of the new toys and you will look so cute in the new clothes. Hope we can skype soon as I miss seeing and talking to you, Mom & Dad. (Hope that baking soda that Grandma told Mom to use on the bee sting made it feel lots better.) When I was a little girl and got stung, that is what my Mother put on me. We love all of you. Bye, bye!!!! “Mal” & Pap

  3. Hi Buddy
    I know you would be the tough one, I see you will be keeping Mom on her toes from now on. I guess the next step is eating worms (watch out Mom) it happens. I will be seeing you all real soon.
    Love Granmal

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