Happy Easter!

Mom, Dad, and I made the hike up the road and enjoyed a nice weekend with family. I really do not enjoy car rides, but it was worth the trouble. I got to see Grandma and Grandpap, Aunt Beth, and both sets of my great-grandparents!

It didn’t take me too long to get used to all the strange faces. I had a nice time walking around the yard with Grandpap all weekend. Mom and Dad had to take me to go buy some shoes since I’ll definitley be outside more in the coming weeks. I am NOT a fan of those things! Mom and Dad laugh at me and say I rake the ground like a horse does, but I’m just trying to get used to them.

Then we went over to Grandma Orndorff’s house and had a yummy Easter dinner! I enjoyed some green beans, mashed potatoes, and of course, sweet potatoes. Dad told me about this tradition in his family where everyone runs out the door to find these eggs hidden everywhere. Well, I showed off my new walking skills to find those things, everyone was so impressed. I found eleven eggs! I also got some gifts from Grandma and Grandpap and Mal and Pap. We had a fun time! I’ll see everyone again for my birthday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Wow Canton you are toooo cute!!!! You look like you could be a model for baby clothes. I love the hat! Glad you had such a great first Easter. I am counting the days until I can see you(39),I hope it goes by fast! Keep up your walking. Love you bunches!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a happy Easter you had. You looked so cute in your new hat, outfit and shoes. We are so glad we were invited up to your other Great Grandparents so we all could be together and have a delicious dinner. Glad you liked the gifts we gave you. You really liked to yellow duck that quacks and I know you will like the Dr. Seuss’s books. You enjoyed some of the puffs right away. When everyone went outside to hunt for Easter eggs, you found 11 and had lots of fun walking around and sitting in the grass playing with the eggs. You are so precious to us and we love you so very much. You have brought so much love and happiness to all of us and we are so thankful for you. In a few weeks all of us will be at your house to celebrate a wonderful day, your 1st. Birthday!! We are looking so forward to watching you open your Birthday gifts, blow out your 1 candle and eat your cake…Hope we can skype soon as I enjoy watching and talking to you & Mom. Keep on walking and exploring!!! Love you! “Mal” & Pap

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