Mom and Dad FINALLY took me up to the pool at Great Oaks and I LOVED it! I climbed in and out of the kiddie pool and loved swimming on the noodle with Dad in the big pool. I’ve also started swimming lessons. I’m learning how to blow bubbles and have my face in the water. My favorite part is just splashing. I don’t like being on my back too much, but I’ll get there.

I’ve also learned to not only climb onto the couch, but to climb on top of the couch and chair–fun for mom.

It is hard to believe mom has to be back to work in six weeks or so, the summer is going soooo fast! We’ve had a great time together, I don’t think mom has ever enjoyed her summer so much. Pretty soon we’ll be going to Florida, can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Canton-ball

  1. Wow Canton! What a fun summer you are having. Looks like you have been busy and enjoying every second of the summer with mom. It sure is going by fast. Looks like you had so much fun seeing all the animals at the zoo and at “Cromer’s Farm”. What better way to spend these past hot days than in the pool. What a big boy you are now climbing and walking around everywhere. Hope you have a great time visiting grandma and the gators! As soon as Hannah’s softball season finishes we hope to come by and spend some time with you. Have a great rest of the summer!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You sure are full of energy!!!! Going here and there and all around. I am so glad you are having so much fun and learning so many different things. You looked like you were having so much fun in the pool with Dad. Before long you will be swimming all by yourself. It looks like you are becoming a pro at golf. Dad had better watch out or you will be ahead of him. That is because Dad is taking quality time with you and teaching you how to play well.
    I know you and Mom are enjoying your time together. She reads to you, sings to you and plays with you. She loves spending time with you, and Dad does too….
    I think the pictures of you climbing up on the sofa and chair are precious. The one with you sticking out your tongue could win a contest. All of your pictures are adorable and I just love looking at them.
    It won’t be too much longer before all of us will be together in Florida. We are so looking forward to that. You will be able to swim in Grandmal’s pool and she is going to take you to see the gators. I know you will have a wonderful time. There are lots of things to do in Florida so I am sure you will be able to “show off your talents”…..
    I hope we can skype soon as I have missed talking to you and Mom and seeing you. We love all of you!!!!!

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