IPAD–There’s a Canton for That

My favorite toy lately, besides books, is the IPAD. For a few weeks I’ve been able to slide to unlock the IPAD, scroll the pages, and identify the icons for my favorite apps. I LOVE my See-n-Say and flashcards. I can point to the body parts of the flashcards, and notice on the video when it says “kiss” I turn to give mom a kiss! All at only 16 months! Call me the next Steve Jobs! 🙂

I-Baby from Mike Murphy on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “IPAD–There’s a Canton for That

  1. dang, when i was a kid i only had a velveeta cheese box and flies to play with.
    see you in 2 weeks!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    I have been telling everyone that you are a Genius, and now you are proving it. You are one of the smartest little boys I know. Thank you and Mom for skyping with me this evening as I enjoyed visiting with you both. It always makes my day to watch the things you do and how each time I see you you have learned so many new things and it only takes one time for Mom & Dad to show you. You are my precious Angel and I love you so very much. Hope to see all of you soon……

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