Ho Ho Ho!

What a great day! Mom AND Dad got to stay home with me because of all the ice we had! We had a super fun day doing all kinds of things! We read a lot, played, and made some crafts. Mom and I made a snowman and Dad drew me an amazing Santa! Tomorrow we head to the chiropractor, hopefully for the second to last time!

Santa! from Mike Murphy on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho!

  1. Hi Buddy
    It was nice that you all got to spend a day together, thanks for skyping with me. Dad made you a nice santa. Hope you do well at the Doctor good luck.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Looks like you, Mom & Dad had a fun day. Dad really drew a good Santa Clause. It won’t be too long now before Santa comes to bring you a lot of presents and toys. Santa will be so happy to hear you say “Ho, Ho, Ho” like he says. See you soon…Love all of you.’ Merry Christmas!!!!!

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