What a crazy day! I got soooooooooooooo many presents (too many according to mom and dad) and got to see so many people!

Mom and I woke up and silly Grandma starting blaring Christmas music to wake up Dad, Poppy, and Aunt Beth. Then the fun began! I didn’t really rip into my presents, I calmy opened them with help from mom, but I sure was excited. Each time I opened a gift I had to play with it for a while before I was ready to move on to all the others. Some of my favorites were a laughing gorilla from Aunt Beth and a horse pogo from Grandma and Poppy. Mom’s favorite was the huge toy box they gave me! I named my horse “Neigh” and rode and rode it.

I had a huge breakfast and enjoyed my first helping of scrambled eggs, and boy did I clean up! Then we headed to Mal and Pap’s. A snowman family greeted us, thanks for making those Harvey! After visiting a while Nanny showed up and suprised Mal! It was awesome to see her so happy! Then we opened even MORE presents, mom doesn’t think we have a house big enough for everything I have. Aunt Rhonda, among many things, gave me some really cool puzzles I am enjoying, they make noise! She also gave me a singing bear which now has to go to bed with me! After opening Rhonda’s presents I was quite tired, so we had some dinner. I ate and ate and ate, mostly beans! Everyone was impressed with the food I could put away! After dinner: more presents!

Mal and Pap gave me my favorite present of all: a little red wagon!!!! My eyes lit up like saucers when Pap brought that out of the bedroom. I immediately wanted to hop in a take a ride. All day long I was saying “little red wagon….little red wagon” everyone thought it was hilarious! Driving home I feel asleep in the car and in my sleep said “little red wagon” mom and dad just laughed and laughed!!!

We had a wonderful time visiting and being together. Mom and Dad have taught me that family means everything and I definitely feel the immense love of my family every day! They love relentlessly and it has made mom and dad better people because of the love of our family. I think Mom and Dad finally have learned the real meaning of Christmas, it is love, and I could not ask for anything more!

One thought on “CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a wonderful, happy, delightful Christmas all of us had. It was one of the best Christmas”s we have ever had and YOU Canton Gregory helped to make it possible. This Christmas was your Christmas.!! It is amazing that a 19 Month old precious little boy can be loved by so many people. You have brought so much love and happiness to everyone and the joy will last in our hearts forever. Pap and I are so overjoyed that you like your “little red wagon” so much. You look so cute and precious in it and we are so happy you will have hours and hours of fun in it like you have, and will have, with the yellow cat truck we gave you last Christmas.
    Thank you so much Canton Gregory for all of the love and happy moments you have given to us and i hope you always remember just how much we love you. We shall never forget the look on your face when Pap brought the “little red wagon” out to you. Your eyes lit up and your mouth flew open and the excitement was shared by everyone here….Enjoy all of your presents everyday!!!
    Love you,
    “Mal” & Pap

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