Nanny’s Here!

Nanny came up on Tuesday 12/21 to see me for Christmas! It was a wonderful suprise! She brought me Grinch and Max stuffed animals, some socks, an Elmo backpack, a toy laptop (for those long car rides I hate), and my favorite present: big boy boots! I LOVED these boots! Nanny said I was a real Floyd boy! I stomped and strutted around in those things, and whenever anyone asked me to take them off I shouted “Nooooooooo!” We had a great time playing, feeding Jag and Deputy, and especially dancing with Grandpa. I’m so lucky my Nanny came all this way to see me!!!! We’ll have a wonderful Christmas together! 🙂

One thought on “Nanny’s Here!

  1. Hi Buddy
    We sure had a fun time with you, glad you liked you boots so much!!!!!!!
    Grandpa had such a fun time with you we are going to try to stop by on the way back home so I hope you are at home. See you soon.
    Love Nanny&Grandpa

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