Go Buffs!

I attended my first wrestling match on Saturday! I had SOOOO much fun! I liked cheering for all the guys to do well in their matches, I liked yelling “Go Bradley” the most. I gave out lots of high-fives. I even asked to used the potty in the middle of cheering. The night dragged on and I got a little fussy toward the end, but overall I had a great time. I showed off my headlock skills and talked about my favorite move: the powerbomb! Look out, wrestling is probably in my future!

2 thoughts on “Go Buffs!

  1. Hi Buddy
    Your sure get around for a little guy. Tell Dad he better watch out you will learn so new moves and pin him down before long. Your aunt Becky was the Champ of the wrestling leauge when she was 4 (she bet all the boys) maybe she can tell you some moves.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    By the time you reach 2 years old you are going to be running out of new things to do. Boy, you are really experiencing adventures that some children never do. You are so blessed to have such a loving, devoted Mom & Dad who love you so much. The next time we skype maybe you can show me a wrestling hold on Dad….Have fun!!!! Love all of you, “Mal” & Pap

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