Date Night and Exceptional Weather!

I had a Friday Date Night with my girl Lilamae. I did pretty well with the whole sharing concept, except for my trains, I did NOT want to share Thomas and Percy. Speaking of, we bought a Percy at the Farm starter track set which I just LOVE!!! Percy goes round and round the track and I quickly learned how to pull the lever for him to stop and go and how to turn him on! Then today when we were driving to the store (which is right across from the library) I said “library, choo choo, library, LIBRARY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So needless to say, we had to make a pit stop.

Today was the first day I’ve been outside for an extended period time in months!!! We went up to mom’s school and I played on the BIG KID playground. Those huge slides didn’t scare me one bit!!

Oh, by the way, I’m totally refusing to sit in my high chair/booster, I’m a BIG MAN!

One thought on “Date Night and Exceptional Weather!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy, what a fun weekend you , Mom & Dad had. You are doing so many things! That big slide sure looked high but yet you and Dad went right on down it. What fun!!! It is so nice that you live close to that so you can go and enjoy it. The weather was good so you could stay outside and enjoy it. Glad you had your friend Lilamae over and could play together.It is nice to have friends…..I know you enjoy the track so Thomas & Percy can go round and round. Have fun and I hope to skype with you and Mom soon…Love all of you!!!

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