More Wrestling

I cheered on Dad’s wrestlers again on Tuesday night! Mostly I liked running around the gym, I had a great time playing with Jessica too!!! Dad said he might even take me to a VT match on Saturday! Go Hokies!!

2 thoughts on “More Wrestling

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Sure looks like you had fun cheering Dad’s wrestlers. I know they were glad to meet you. Probably one day when you get bigger you will be wrestling also. The gym sure looks big and you look like you enjoyed running around. If Dad and Mom take you to the VT match Saturday I know you will really be excited and enjoy being there. As I have told you sooooo many times, you are such a lucky little boy to have the loving and caring parents you have who spend lots of time teaching you new things and loving you sooo much. All of us love all of you….Have fun and I look forward to skyping again with you and Mom soon. Sure enjoyed skyping this evening!!!! Love ya!!!

  2. Good times! I enjoyed spending the evening with you Canton, and your Mom too! You are a cutie and I am so excited I get to watch you grow up! 🙂

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