More Gymnastics

Enjoy more gymnastics pictures! I wasn’t too sure about these bars but I quickly took to them. Still, they don’t top the balance beam!!!!

After gymnastics we went to the duck pond again and then breakfast/lunch at Craker Barrell! I stayed dry the whole time in my undies AND impressed a bunch of old ladies with my color knowledge! Would you believe I ate TWO WHOLE EGGS and a BISCUIT for breakfast?!?! I’m such a BIG man!

2 thoughts on “More Gymnastics

  1. Hi Buddy
    You are doing so good in your gymnastics class. Keep up the good work in your undies.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You are positively unbelievable!!!! You can just do anything and at the first try. You are strong and healthy and we are so very thankful…..So glad you, Mom and Dad can do all of these fun things together….Love all of you…..

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