We had another adventure today! Mom, Dad, and I ventured over to Giles Co to hike the Cascades! I was so excited to wear my boots because mom doesn’t let me wear them with shorts! I stomped around all morning saying “boots for the waterfall”. Then we were off!

Cascades is a two-mile hike to a 70 ft waterfall, I was just happy to be outside. We took the upper trail both times because the lower one is pretty narrow and mom and dad figured all the mud would be a disaster! So even though it was a pretty steep incline I walked 1.25 miles on the way up and the whole way back down! (As mom is writing it is currently 8pm and I’ve been asleep since 4:30–that never happens!!)

I just loved the watefall, not because of the beauty, but because of all the stairs I got to climb! I also saw some cool dogs swimming in the water!

When we left mom and I “ran” a lot of the way down and did that funny kid yell as we ran–it was the best time!

One thought on “Cascades

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well you, Mom & Dad had another fun day!!! I am so glad you all have such a wonderful time together. You are learning the beauty of nature and enjoying everything around you. As I have told you before, you are one lucky little boy to have such loving and wonderful parents….They love you so much, as all of us do. We are looking forward to next week when we all celebrate your “2nd” Birthday. I know it will be a memorable day. Can hardly wait to see all of you….Love you all…..

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