Nanny and Grandpa

Nanny and Grandpa got here yesterday for a week-long visit! They spent a month at Myrtle Beach and now are here to see me!! We had a great time dancing, playing, reading, and checking out their motor home! Can’t wait to see what is in store!

One thought on “Nanny and Grandpa

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy I bet you were happy to see Nanny and Grandpa. What a pleasant surprise! I know they were happy to see you, Mom & Dad. Sounds like all of you are having lots of fun. Looks like you have been “driving” their motor home. It is really big isn’t it? You are having fun with Nanny pushing you in your swing too. I know you are showing Nanny and Grandpa your trains and all of your books. Did you ride the Thomas the train vehicle they gave you? I bet you can ride it fast. Have fun. I know you all will be doing something everyday. Love all of you…..

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